Dealer Info

Dealer Product Information

Descriptions of Rush Receipt's standard production policies and materials are outlined below. We would like to emphasize that Rush also has complete printing services. If you don't see what you need, just ask. . .


  • PRICES: All prices in this volume are retail. Your price is still LESS 30% DEALER DISCOUNT (except prices specially marked "net"). If you figure your job accurately, and send a check for the correct amount with the job, Rush will add 5% MORE to your discount - A WHOPPING 35% DISCOUNT! A $25 Service Charge for all returned checks.
  • QUOTATIONS: Please call Rush for a quotation on your next job. You can reach us between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. If we cannot figure your quote while you hold, we will promptly return your call with our low price. This will speed your reply to your customer. Of course there are jobs (like forms) that are difficult to quote by phone, send us a copy by mail or FAX line and we'll reply promptly.
  • PAPER: Rush Receipt uses standard 20 lb. bond or black image carbonless paper in a full line of colors. The paper manufacturer determines the shade of a particular color.
  • INK: Black is standard for the prices shown in this book. Other colors may be special ordered. 2nd colors are conveniently priced for you on our most standard pages. Screens of a different color from other copy are charged as a 2nd color. Red numbering is not a 2nd color.
  • COMPOSITION & ART: Camera-ready copy is assumed in our pricing charts. Leave 5/8" for binding stub, also leave 3/8" for gripper. (See Production). If you need it, we offer typesetting and camera work for a small additional charge. We ask that your copy be typed or printed legibly. Rush wants your job to be EXACTLY what your customer has in mind. If you indicate camera-ready copy, we assume the following. 1) Copy has been proofed and is correct. 2) Copy is photo-reproducible. That is - solid, dark images on white or light (never pink or gray) background. The best images are produced from black or red on white. 3) Any logos or artwork are included and photo-reproducible. (If you need a proof, we'll fax you a photocopy and wait for approval. A small charge of $2.50 is required for mailing proofs).
  • SIZE: If your order differs from standard sizes shown in this book, please specify. Remember, if you require reduction shots, the image goes down both horizontally and vertically.
  • BINDING: Wire stitching & tape is our standard. For carbonless jobs we insert a perfed tagboard sheet behind the front cover. Plastic or wire spiral binding, or wrap-around covers are also available.
  • DELIVERY: Standard jobs will ship within 10 working days from receipt of your order. On special or extra large jobs we ask for 15 to 20 working days, but we can usually ship a partial in 10 working days. On jobs that need typesetting we will schedule shipping after approval of the proof. We also offer 2 and 5 day rush service.
  • SHIPPING: Unless specified, Rush Receipt ships your order the the fastest and least expensive means, usually United Parcel Service. Rush also drop-ships directly to your customer, if so advised. Either your label (enclosed with your order) or a blank label (with your firm name as shipper) can be used. Our company name does not appear on anything your customer sees. Rush sells only to dealers. If we receive an inquiry that we know is from your customer, Rush refers him back to you. All orders are F.O.B. Mobile, AL.
  • NET CHARGES: For customized jobs - with special typesetting, screens, 2-color, camera shots, extra plates for changing marginals, etc. - just add the net charges after taking your dealer discount.
  • SUGGESTIONS: Bring 'em on. Our staff loves to hear from you. We want to know of any services you would like to see implemented. Rush also graciously accepts criticism. Since our staff consists entirely of humans, we're sure mistakes will happen occasionally. But you never have to pay for our mistake. Just let us know, and we'll cheerfully fix your problem.
  • HOW RUSH RECEIPT OPERATES: When your order is received we will enter your order on our combination invoice/job ticket. Then we will fax a copy of the invoice for you to look over. This will be our acknowledgment of your order. Rush assumes that the information we've entered is correct, and will proceed with the job. If you find an error on the acknowledgement please advise Rush as soon as possible. After the job is shipped, Rush will mail you the invoice with shipping charges, and your samples.